“The consultants at Novelle provided outstanding guidance to us while evaluating a new technology for the industry.  With their assistance, we were able to quickly gather market intelligence from all parts of the industry supply chain. 

This timely, high-quality feedback from major industry players provided us a solid starting point for the development of our market strategy.  Novelle's professional approach to gathering and interpreting this information exceeded our expectations.”

Michael Kubinec
Plant Health Care, Inc.


“The members of Novelle have proven to us time and again that their business expertise is invaluable when making challenging investment decisions. The Novelle team possesses a unique blend of practical business experience with ironclad financial and operational competence. They have helped us unravel and reposition complex business dynamics, which has led us to make proper and informed investment decisions. 

We have found working with the Novelle team to be an extension of our own organization. Their involvement provided a seamless link between our two organizations, thus accelerating the completion of the tasks at hand.  Thanks to their broad and deep industry perspectives, we have been able to minimize risks and maximize potential economic benefits for some time to come.”

Stewart Nazzaro
Managing Partner
Aldebaran Partners, Inc.


“Al Vangelos, a Novelle Consulting Principal, has been helping Sun World for four years; first as a member of the Board of Directors and more recently as its President and CEO.

Under his leadership, we have restructured the company, consolidated its sales organization, moved to new headquarters in Bakersfield and returned Sun World to forecasted profitability. Al brings energy to the organization in harnessing the talent of its management and operating teams.”

Chris Parker
Chairman of the Board
Sun World International


“GreenLine brought Novelle Consulting to develop and assist in implementing its green beans sourcing strategy, including ensuring that all growers comply with food safety standards. With their help, we now have our first winter season with growers under contractual agreement, i.e. varieties, weekly volume, pricing, shipping and logistics, and compliance with food safety standards.

 The strategy enables GreenLine to grow its business, service customer requirements, and develop new value-added products. Novelle understands building long-term relationships based on mutual respect, sound business principles, and growth.”  

Lawrence Krempel Director of Purchasing
GreenLine Foods


“One of Novelle's founders introduced our company to a major grower/packer of fresh vegetables in California and followed up to ensure that we developed a successful import program of broccoli which should keep expanding in the future. Another founder has found a source of greenhouse melons in Mexico for us; we expect the melon imports to rise sharply next season.”

Ichiro Tomioka, President
Tokyo Maruka Trading Co. Ltd., Japan


“We have utilized the consulting services of two of Novelle's founders to help expand our fresh vegetable sales to Asia and to assist us in sourcing product from Latin America. A significant contribution of one of the founders was to introduce us to a second Japanese importer who sharply increased our sales in Japan during the last two years.”

Robert Antle, Co-Chairman
Tanimura & Antle, Inc., United States


“The founders of Novelle bring to the domestic and international food business strong operational skills, excellent business acumen, an understanding of the structural changes facing the industry and that strategic view necessary to blend all facets of business into successful ventures.”

Dana Thomas, President
Index Fresh, Inc., United States


“Our company continues to work with the founders of Novelle Consulting on joint venture setup, marketing and business expansion strategies. They work closely with our staff in problem analysis and solutions implementation. We are pleased with the bottom-line oriented involvement of Novelle in our business.”

Alejandro Canelos R., Co-Owner
Grupo Canelos, Mexico


“We have retained one of the founders of Novelle to facilitate Chiquita Frupac's entry into a new fresh produce business segment. His knowledge and
contacts within the industry made possible a profitable expansion of our business.”

Selby Gillis,
Senior Vice President and General Manager
Chiquita Frupac, Inc., United States


“As the produce industry becomes increasingly global, strategic thinking is a must. Companies today need experts who understand global markets in order to compete effectively.”

Thomas Stenzel, President and CEO
United Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Association, United States


“The Novelle founders have been instrumental in developing the U.S. market for Chilean products. They have developed and implemented strategies that resulted in a major increase in profitability for our growers. Their close working relationship with our
staff and growers facilitated our expansion.”

Pablo Ramirez, Principal
Frumerc, Chile


“For the past 45 years in the produce business, my business travel has taken me all over the world. During this time, I have worked with or been associated with
all of the founders of Novelle Consulting. They have successful experience internationally and can help
you build a more profitable company.”

Bruce Paschal, President
Duda Sales & Marketing Company, United States


“Novelle greatly helped LGS Specialty Sales expand its product sourcing from Mexico and Chile. We were introduced to major grower/packers and Novelle assisted in the overall relationship, operations and market planning. As a result, we are now marketing several items we did not have a few years ago.
We continue to consult with Novelle on growth

Luke G. Sears, Owner
LGS Specialty Sales Ltd., United States


“We needed to evaluate new direction for our company with very difficult commodities, prunes and raisins. The Novelle group has and still is assisting us in developing and implementing a strategic plan that has given us clarity as to what direction we have to take in order to service and prosper. The strategy that they developed has allowed us to take a leadership position in a very difficult industry.”

Ian Crabtree, PresidentPremier Valley Foods
(Del Monte Dried Fruits), United States

“Novelle has assisted Rabobank for several years in the process of restructuring and then winding down the Yorkshire Companies in California, which the bank has held notes on. They have been professional, efficient, and prompt in all of our dealings with them during this continuing process.”
Chris Kortlandt
Rabobank New York


“We saw a business opportunity outside Moscow to open a produce distribution center. We were able to acquire the land and buildings, but lacked the knowledge to make it a commercial venture. The Novelle group took us through the entire process, from empty buildings to a functioning distribution center with the first and only brand in Russia for fresh fruits and vegetables.”

Ralph Hofstad, CEO - Minneapolis, USA
Andrea Danelenko, President Russian Farm Project
Moscow, Russia