Pledge to Quality

Novelle conducts business according to values that guide daily relationships with clients, co-workers, suppliers and associates. A quality assurance committee of three principals and consultants reviews each written proposal, problem analysis, solution proposal, and final report submitted to a client. This process guarantees sufficient interaction among the founders to deliver the best solutions to the client. It ensures that required resources are applied to achieve maximum improvements.

Teamwork and Collaboration

Client involvement is the cornerstone of Novelle's teamwork concept. Clients participate in all phases of Novelle's work including analysis, strategy formulation and program implementation. This has proven to be effective in securing the best solutions and maximum commitment to implementation. The Novelle team works with a collaborative style that focuses on business issues. Client confidentiality is protected during all phases of a project and afterward.


“Our company continues to work with the founders of Novelle Consulting on joint venture setup, marketing and business expansion strategies. They work closely with our staff in problem analysis and solutions implementation. We are pleased with the bottom-line oriented involvement of Novelle in our business.”

Alejandro Canelos R.,
Grupo Canelos, Mexico

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Novelle Services

Some of the many services brought to you by the experts at Novelle Consulting

Novelle with Sonora farmers & research scientists in symposium to determine state agriculture strategy

Business Strategies and Innovation
− New business opportunities, markets, products, competition and cost structure
− Strategies consistent with company goals and strengths  
− Innovation system and process

New Product Introduction
− Concept development
− Product positioning
− Packaging and manufacturing technologies
− Distribution channels

Marketing, Sales and Distribution
− Consumer and trade segmentation
− Branding, advertising and promotion
− Sales strategies
− Customer development and sales force management

Supply Chain Management
− Growing, harvesting, post-harvest handling, shipping, logistics and distribution
− Food safety process design, traceability, and implementation
− Budget and cash flow management
− Global sourcing and distribution including licensing agreement
− Import/export setup, management and control

Joint Venture and Financing
− Domestic and international contacts and joint venture setup
− Financial and management restructuring

Corporate Due Diligence
− Review and validate operations, sales and marketing
− Assess industry position

Cooperative Restructuring
− Organization strategies, capitalization, governance and management
− Structure versus members’ requirements and industry development
− Financing and membership recruiting
− Cooperative supply chain management