Company Profile

• Over 150 years of combined global operating expertise
• Fresh fruit and vegetable experience
• Food industry strategic marketing
• Supply chain management
• Market-driven, industry specific consulting
• Serving private and government sectors
• From entrepreneurial needs to complex global issues

Senior produce executives from around the world have benefited from the knowledge, experience and innovation of Novelle Consulting.


“As the produce industry becomes increasingly global, strategic thinking is a must. Companies today need experts who understand global markets in order to compete effectively.”

Thomas Stenzel,
President and CEO
United Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Association, United States

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About Novelle

Novelle Technology is changing the way the produce industry does business. Novelle Consulting will help you stay ahead of the curve.

The produce industry is continually evolving and the rate and degree of change are increasing at an astounding pace. New Internet-based technologies open the door to global markets. Advancements in greenhouse technology put better and more efficient means of production within reach. Progressive methods of distribution demand that your company is prepared to be responsive and flexible to changes in the marketplace. Complex and evolving regulations in food safety and traceability require focus and diligence for compliance and to make them part of daily operations.

Modern supply chain management enables companies to bring supplies to the marketplace year-round increasing competition for desirable customers. Companies that are going to survive must undergo a transformation to utilize technology, capitalize on innovation, improve product quality, compete globally and cut costs to maximize profits.

Novelle Consulting can help. With over 150 years aggregate in produce and food industry strategic marketing and operating experience, Novelle Consulting has the proven know-how to deliver practical marketing and supply chain improvements. They have explored and navigated the new terrain of the produce industry, and have their finger on the pulse of its rapid evolution.

The unique combination of extensive experience, teamed with a grasp of the most recent technology, enables Novelle Consulting to collaborate with you to identify problems, evaluate solutions, and recommend and implement action. The result? Increased profitability and the foundation for a lasting competitive advantage.

If you are interested in increasing profitability and being able to compete more aggressively while managing your risks, contact Novelle Consulting today.